Tazio Wins his first car race

Tazio Wins his first car race
Tazio on his way to his 1st race car win in Pittsburgh, in June 2016.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Our very first blog post

This is our first blog post and we are excited to publish our racing stories.
We are the Torregiani family and also the NewCountryPorsche.com Kart Racing Team.

My name is Patrizio, I am the father and husband and Team Manager. I am also Internet Manager for New Country Porsche of Greenwich in CT.

Tazio is the racing driver.
He started driving and racing karts when he was six. He is now ten, winner of 14 kart club races thus far and 07 OVRP Novice Cadet Club Champion.
He is very fast and precise.
Since the beginning he's always been towards the front. He is very focused especially just before a race start. When he first stepped on the accelerator of a gas powered go kart in Portugal we knew he was a natural.
Dario is the mechanic apprentice.
He is nine years old.
He loves to be part of the team.
He helps me work on the kart with set up and tuning. He loves especially to remove or install the wheels with the power gun. He is also a talented photographer, he helps us capture great memories. He is full of life and loves to make us laugh at every opportunity.

Lucia is my wife and mother of Tazio and Dario.
She is also the team coordinator.
She makes sure we have food and clothes and everything we need to operate.
She gives us all great support. We couldn't win without her.

This year we are taking our racing to the next level in WKA regional competition.
We are running the WKA NJ Sprint Series.
The competition will be much stronger, with more entries with National recognition.
Tazio exceeded our expectation by finishing second in race one and giving his Mom a great Mother's day gift.
He finished fifth in race two on the same weekend and is currently 2nd overall in the points standings.
We can't wait for the next one.
To be continued....